What is the Polish Guide? Thomas will help you to understand!

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Your Guide (...coming soon!)

What is Your Guide?

Your Guide is a tool that will help you in the ideal preparations and stay at Euro 2012 in Poland. You just need to designate the country you are supporting, the time of your stay in Poland and select the places and events you want to see – the Polish Guide will create your personal, complete plan of your trip and stay – Your Guide!

Your Guide will be much more than just a catalogue of places and events.  With the tool you can quickly and comfortably develop your complete trip plan to Poland, travelling inside the country and moving around in the Host Cities and outside of them, regardless of whether you come by car, by train or by air. Thanks to the possibility of selecting from thousands of places and events that are of interest to you, you will be able to book the best accommodation and plan every day of your stay in Poland to the hour! All can be done fast, at one place and comfortably.  Your Guide is your own Euro!

What are the advantages and what can you gain?

  • Tailored arrival route to Poland
  • Personalised sojourn plan
  • Accommodation base suited to the sojourn base
  • Optimum method to move around the cities
  • Tailored offer of current events and places
  • Your Guide as a printout or a phone application


Trip Plan from A to Z

Your Guide is a tool that will help you plan your trip to Poland and stay in Poland during the European Football Championship Euro 2012!  Thanks to the current catalogue of official places and events, you can play every day in advance and you can be sure that you always get to the place of your choice.  Your Guide will also prompt you where to book accommodation so that you are close to the places planned for your next day.

If you decide to add a new item to your trip plan at the last moment – no problem at all!   Your Guide will also incorporate all changes and will show you the optimum route so that you do not miss the next match!  And if for whatever reasons you deviate from your path, one look and Your Guide will prompt you on how to return to your route.


The official catalog of places, events and tourist attractions

The Polish Guide service has been developed by the Euro organiser in Poland. Our base contains only official and valid places and events accompanying the Championship.  This way you are certain that Your Guide will take you where other fans will be with whom you can share football emotions!

Out of thousand of events and places that will take place during Euro you will be able to select only those that will be of interest to you and Your Guide will show you the best way to travel from one event to another!


Print it or use it in your phone

You can have Your Guide printed in a comfortable format and hold it in your pocket or use it with an application compatible with Android and iOS.  You do not have to carry thick atlas books, guide books or maps with you. Just take it out of your pocket!  You can add new places or events to Your Guide or change their sequence at any moment.