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Railway in Wroclaw

When coming to Wroclaw by train it is best to get off at the Wroclaw Główny station from which you will get to the city centre and to the Fan Zone within 15-20 minutes on foot.  You will find urban transport stops from which you can get to the centre and other parts of the city right by the station. A special train to get you directly from the Wroclaw Główny station to the stadium for the duration of the Tournament. The stadium will also be directly accessible via special tram lines.  

Next to the City Stadium in there's WROCŁAW STATION railway station. On game days, a special train connection for fans will be launched along Wroclaw Glowny – Wroclaw Stadion route.

If you want to reach Wroclaw from the neighbouring Czech Republic, you can use special trains from Prague and from Brno and Ostrava with arrival and departure times correlated with the match times.  Check the schedule at:
Access to the stadium:
- Tram No. 31 PLUS, 32 PLUS leaving from the Dworzec Główny PKP stop (DWORZEC GŁÓWNY PKP - STADION WROCŁAW). The trip by tram will take about 25 minutes.
- Special railway line circulating from WROCLAW GŁÓWNY to WROCLAW STADION from where you can walk to the Stadium within a few minutes. The trip by train will take about 13 minutes.

Tickets for the games to be played in Wroclaw are at the same time public transport tickets on the day of the game lasting from 12 am on the day of the game until 12 pm on the next day. The same rule shall pertain to special trains launched on game days. Beside the special trains, holders of tickets for games will also have at their disposal all REGIO trains headed for Wolow and scheduled to stop at Wroclaw Stadion.    

If you want to travel in Poland by train and get the most suitable urban transport offer in the Host Cities, check the special Polish Pass offer.

Najkrótsze bezpośrednie połączenia kolejowe między Wrocławiem a innymi Miastami Gospodarzami i Krakowem

Railway station in Wroclaw

Wrocław Główny Railway Station

ul. Piłsudskiego 105, Wroclaw

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Check the train schedules at:

Estimated travel time by train to Wroclaw :
Wroclaw - Poznan
2 h 20 min
Wroclaw - Gdansk
6 h 25 min
Warsaw - Wroclaw
4 h 40 min
Berlin - Wroclaw
5 h 50 min
Kyiv - Wroclaw
16 h 25 min
Dresden - Wroclaw
3 h 15 min