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Polish Masters at the stadium in Wrocław soon coming

Date of publication12.07.2012

During the 21st - 22nd July weekend, the first edition of the Polish Masters friendly football tournament attended by the leading European club teams will be played at the Municipal Stadium.

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You may visit the Stadium in Wrocław!

Date of publication03.07.2012

From 10 July 2012 the Stadium in Wrocław will be open to visitors! With your own eyes you can see the unique meeting ground of the UEFA EURO2012 European Championship.

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PAP/Jacek Bednarczyk

Unusual competitions in the Wroclaw Fan Zone

Date of publication29.06.2012

Friday 29th June is a day, when Wroclaw will be preparing for the UEFA EURO 2012 final and Olympic games in London. Because of that various attractions are planned for visitors.

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Wrocław 2012

Other attractions at the Municipal Stadium in Wrocław!

Date of publication24.06.2012

UEFA EURO 2012 matches in the capital city of the Lower Silesia are behind us. However, it doesn't stand for the end of emotions at the Wrocław Stadium. Check what events take place during holidays at the Stadium on Bułgarska St.!

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PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

Czechs with the Poles delighted to say goodbye

Date of publication22.06.2012

"We were so farewell by the Poles that we didn’t want to go back home" - admitted the Czech national team manager Vladimir Šmicer.

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The Czech team left Poland

Date of publication22.06.2012

After a lost game with Portugal and dropping out of the tournament the Czech team left team base camp in Wroclaw on Friday. Near Monopol Hotel in Wroclaw, where the Czech were living, the Czech football players received huge applause from over 100 fans.

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Heavy traffic in the roads to Wroclaw flows smoothly

Date of publication16.06.2012

The traffic in the access roads to Wroclaw, where the match Poland v Czech Republic takes place in the evening, is very dense, but flows smoothly and without difficulties. Only on the A4 motorway there’s a 2km queue before the toll passages.

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PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

Ewa Farna will sing before the match Poland - the Czech Republic

Date of publication16.06.2012

The concert will take place in the Fan Zone just before starting the match in the Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw.

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Additional transport in Wroclaw on Saturday

Date of publication16.06.2012

Due to the great interest in supporting expected during the match Poland-Czech Republic on June 16th 2012, additional changes in public transport will take effect in Wroclaw.

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PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

Czechs were practicing without Rosicky

Date of publication15.06.2012

Czech skipper Tomas Rosicky did not take part in the training session of the Czech team. The decision about Rosicky’s participation in Saturday’s game will be made tomorrow.

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