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The National Stadium in Warsaw

al. Księcia J. Poniatowskiego 1, 03-901 Warsaw Show on map
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The distance to :

Fan Zone: 2.6km Map

{ gmap: { zoom: 12, center: new google.maps.LatLng(52.239387000000000000, 21.045545000000000000), mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP }, poi: [ {"id":209,"name":"The National Stadium in Warsaw","adress":"al. Ksi\u0119cia J. Poniatowskiego 1, 03-901 Warsaw","lang":"en","phone":null,"web":null,"mail":null,"opening":null,"jakdojade":0,"important":0,"team_id":null,"type_id":1,"search_type_id":1,"city_id":2,"parent_id":null,"lat":"52.239387000000000000","lon":"21.045545000000000000","start_at":null,"end_at":null,"file_id":null,"pos":null,"type_name":"stadium"} ] }


Capacity: 58 000

VIP box : 65

Pitch size: 105 x 68 m

The National Stadium in Warsaw is the largest of the stadiums prepared for the tournament in Poland, able to accommodate  up to 70 thousand spectators (including the pitch)!  In addition, it has enough space to hold 200 thousand square meters of restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, and a conference and office centre.
The construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw began on 7 October 2008. It was built at the site of the former sports facility, commissioned more than 50 years ago – the 10th-Anniversary Stadium. This monumental building was built to perpetuate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of communism in Poland, but since the end of the 1980s it played a shameful role as the Europe's largest bazaar.
This dilapidated 10th-Anniversary Stadium was from the very beginning considered as a location for the National Stadium. However, its demolition would require 2 million tons of rubble to be removed from the site! Ultimately, a decision was made to build the new stadium in the trough of the former facility. Interestingly, the only comparable stadium in the world to be erected on the earthen ramparts of another stadium is Zentralstadion  in Leipzig.
The scale of the construction project is immense – the capacity of the stadium is more than one million cubic meters. The construction, that could be followed non-stop in the Internet via two cameras placed near the stadium, took more than 3 years to complete and required the deployment of 19 cranes, 7 thousand concrete piles and much as 2,000 workers. The shape and façade of the modern national stadium resemble a wicker basket, of the Polish national colours of red and white.
Five matches will be held at the National Stadium during UEFA EURO 2012™: three group matches (with two played by the Polish national team) - including the opening match along with the official ceremony, one quarter-final and one semi-final, to be watched by 58 thousand spectators at a time. This number of seats was=mounted on the stands. During events, performances, concerts, when the entire pitch field is made available to the guests, the stadium can accommodate up to 70 thousand people.
The stadium – as it befits a multi-purpose arena – is equipped with modern offices, spacious boxes, fan club and shop, and even … a multi-faith multimedia chapel (with an area of 260 square meters). A total of 1765 underground parking spaces are located just below the turf of the stadium. With over 200 thousand square meters of usable space, the stadium is also one of the largest in the world of its kind! This is 3 times more than the largest shopping centre in the capital of Poland.
The pitch field features a modular turf system that makes the organisation of entertainment events much easier, and thus – a lot cheaper. The turf is designed for transport, in relation to which the organisers of such events are nor required to incur the cost of turf renovation.
4 LED screens are installed at the main needle of the stadium 70 m above the pitch field and 113 m above the level of Vistula, with a total area of over 200 square meters. If necessary, the LED screens can be positioned in any direction or lowered down to the level of the playing field. The stadium is also equipped with 254 42-inch LCD screens. They are connected to the Digital Signage system that by employing features such as the ability to watch the match from multiple cameras, displaying statistics and information about players, makes each event even more interesting.
The stand sound system employs high-end JBL loudspeakers. The total sound power is almost 0.5 million watts. Loudspeaker sets are designed to operate even in the worst weather conditions.
A cashless payment system has been installed at the stadium to greatly facilitate the servicing of spectators.

4 restaurants have been prepared for the fans who are hungry not only for sports emotions, with the largest occupying 1300 sq. m. and comprised of 30 food stalls. No fan should have any problem finding the toilet - as many as 965 are found in the building!

The consortium of JSK Architects Ltd., GMP International GmbH and Schlaich Bergermann und Partner are the designers of the National Stadium.

Additional important information

Category: Security and safety

Take an ID document with you

Remember that when flying – no matter if the flight is inside or outside Poland – you must have an ID document to present to the airport staff. To enter the Schengen territory, citizens of third countries must have a valid travel document and visa if required.


Category: Security and safety

Tickets only from reliable sources!

Tickets to the UEFA EURO 2012 games can only be purchased through the following website, National Football Federations, or won in competitions organised by the official sponsors of the Tournament.


Category: Transport

Faster and easier across the border

For the comfort of tourists from EU countries, the movement of organised groups of fans, football teams and UEFA activists will be facilitated on the four border crossings between Poland and Ukraine during UEFA EURO 2012™.