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Wikimedia Commons

Security in the capital during the Tournament was perfect!

Date of publication12.07.2012

The activities of the municipality and the services responsible for safety during UEFA EURO 2012 tournament have been summarized at the Town Hall of the capital city. All services fulfilled their tasks and both residents and guests felt safe.

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The National Stadium in Warsaw is open to visitors

Date of publication11.07.2012

Since Saturday 7 July 2012 the surrounding of the National Stadium in Warsaw has been opened to all interested visitors.

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Marcin Fijałkowski/

SuperFinal of the PAFL at the National Stadium

Date of publication04.07.2012

After the emotions of the UEFA EURO 2012™, it’s time for the next sports event. On July 15th the Warsaw Eagles will play the Gdynia Seahawks in the NAC VII SuperFinal of the Polish American Football League at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

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You can whirl with dance

Date of publication04.07.2012

A real treat for fans of contemporary dance is happening in Warsaw. From June 29 to July 7, for the eighth time already, the International Dance Theatre Festival Zawirowania is taking place. You can see the shows at Teatr Studio and Stara Prochownia in Warsaw.

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PAP/Grzegorz Jakubowski

Fan Zone dismantling in Warsaw

Date of publication03.07.2012

On Monday, 2 July, the dismantling of the Fan Zone in Warsaw began. The work will continue until Tuesday, 3 July, till the end of the day.

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Warsaw: After the final match, trains only from the Central Station

Date of publication01.07.2012

On July 1, the SKM [Rapid Urban Rail] and KM [Masovian Railways] trains will run only through the Warsaw Main Station.

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UM Warszawa

Kayah, Maleńczuk and fireworks performance in Warsaw’s Fan Zone!

Date of publication01.07.2012

Sunday, 1sth July, is the last day of the UEFA EURO 2012 Championship. The final match will be played by Italian and Spanish teams in the evening in Kijów. On this occasion Warsaw’s Fan Zone has prepared amazing attractions!

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materiały prasowe

Fireworks Show for the closing of Warsaw Fan Zone!

Date of publication30.06.2012

On July 1st, the great final day of UEFA Euro 2012 Tournament, the supporters will gather on Pl. Defilad (Defilad Square) to barrack for Spanish and Italian team.

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Wikimedia Commons

Poniatowskiego Bridge illuminated in national colors of Spain and Italy!

Date of publication30.06.2012

On each match day the Poniatowski Bridge in Warsaw took on the national colors of teams playing on the National Stadium. As on Thursday’s quarter-final game it was illuminated in the colors of German and Italian flag, for tomorrow’s final the bridge will likewise appear in Spanish and Italian national colors!

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Polish Guide

Huge flag as a farewell for fans in Warsaw

Date of publication29.06.2012

Huge white-red flag was displayed in the National Stadium in Warsaw after the second semi-final UEFA EURO 2012 match. Above the flag there was a banner saying ‘Goodbye’ in 16 languages.

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