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Fan Zone in Warsaw

The distance to :

Stadium: 2.6km Map

The Warsaw Fan Zone is the largest Fan Zone out of the four Official Fan Zones in the Host Cities. It is also located in the closest proximity to the stadium that will host the UEFA EURO 2012 matches. Each event hosted by the Zone will be able to accommodate up to 100 thousand fans.

The zone, which will reach an impressive area of 70 thousand sq. m., will be located in the “strict” city centre – on the Defilad Square, around the Palace of Science and Culture – the tallest building in Poland. The area of the Fan Zone is very well connected to other parts of the city by public transport. You can reach it directly by bus from the airport and it is located right next to the Main Railway Station and not far away from the National Stadium.

Warsaw, as every other Host City’s Fan Zone, will host cultural events in the free time between tournament broadcasts. Six wall screens will be available to watch the matches, two stands will be positioned next to the two main entrances – at Marszałkowska St. and Jerozolimskie Avenues.

The Zone hosts approximately one McDonald’s restaurant, ten information points, and the Press Centre will be placed on the first floor of the Palace. A family room as well as the lost children point will be situated at the entrance to the Palace of Science and Culture. Numerous sanitary facilities will be evenly distributed around the zone. Fans will be able to leave dangerous items or those prohibited in the Fan Zone in deposits at the four entrance gates.  

Date of operation:
8th June – 1st July

Hours of operation:
7.06. - 18.00 - 1.00

Match days in Poland - 12.00 - 1.00 (8 - 17.06)
Match days in Ukraine - 12.00 - 23:00 (8 - 17.06)

18.06 - 12.00 - 24:00
19.06 - 12.00 - 24:00
20.06 - 12.00 - 22:00
21.06 - 12.00 - 01.00
22.06 - 12.00 - 01.00
23.06 - 12.00 - 01.00
24.06 - 12.00 - 00:00
25.06 - 12.00 - 22:00
26.06 - 12.00 - 22:00
27.06 - 12.00 - 01:00
28.06 - 12.00 - 01:00
29.06 - 12.00 - 22:00
30.06 - 12.00 - 22:00

1.07 - 12.00 - 4.00

Free of charge
100 thousand people

Technical data:
Stage at Marszałkowska St.; 6 wall screens; the sponsors’ promotional activity zone; 3 food courts; the official UEFA EURO 2012 gift shop as well a shop with sporting goods; the Host City’s Press Center, media platform

Municipal Stadium: 3.3 km
Main Train Station – Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Śródmieście: 0.5km
The Warszawa Wschodnia Train Station ; 6 km
The Warszawa Zachodnia Train Station: 4.2 km
Airport: 10 km

Access to the Fan Zone:
The following tram connections: 7, 9, 24, 25, 77 or bus lines no.: 117, 158, 507, 517, 521 will take you from the stadium to the Zone. Additional public transportation connections will be launched for the time of Euro 2012. On match days - 8, 12, 16, 21 and 28 June 2012, fans will be able to reach the Fan Zone by means of buses running from the Park&Ride car parks.

7.06 - opening of the UEFA EURO 2012 Official Fan Zone

8.06 - Afromental, Milo Curtis

12.06 - T-Love, Poprazeni Kawą Trzy

15.06 - Mateusz Krautwurst

16.06 - Blenders

17.06 - Damian Ukeje

21.06 - Eney, Bracia

23.06 - Zakopower

28.06 - Lady Pank

1.07 - Kayah

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Additional important information

Category: Security and safety

Take an ID document with you

Remember that when flying – no matter if the flight is inside or outside Poland – you must have an ID document to present to the airport staff. To enter the Schengen territory, citizens of third countries must have a valid travel document and visa if required.


Category: Security and safety

Tickets only from reliable sources!

Tickets to the UEFA EURO 2012 games can only be purchased through the following website, National Football Federations, or won in competitions organised by the official sponsors of the Tournament.


Category: Transport

Faster and easier across the border

For the comfort of tourists from EU countries, the movement of organised groups of fans, football teams and UEFA activists will be facilitated on the four border crossings between Poland and Ukraine during UEFA EURO 2012™.