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Planning a trip to Poland by train? The Polish railways offer many national and international connections to help you to get to the Tournament Final of UEFA EURO 2012 ™. Trains connect from the Polish Host Cities to cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Kiev, Vienna, Budapest, Frankfurt am Main and Moscow.

If you are planning a trip to Poznan, you can obtain a direct rail link from Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Kaliningrad. Railway routes also connect Wroclaw with Berlin and Kiev.

If you want to find a railway connection with one of the four Polish Host Cities, all the timetables of the trains can be found at: rozklad-pkp.pl (available in the Polish, German and English languages).

The most convenient form of utilising the rail services in Poland is with the Polish Pass offer. With this, it will be possible to purchase a rail season ticket at an affordable price, thus enabling journeys by train during UEFA EURO 2012 ™ throughout all of Poland.

Whilst traveling by train in Poland you can choose a more comfortable option - InterCity Express trains (EIC) and Express (Ex) offering carriages with air conditioning, a bar and with the refreshments included in the price of the ticket, or an economic option – “Twoje Linie Kolejowe” (TLK) - an extensive nationwide network of cheap long-distance , REGIOekspres and InterREGIO trains.

You can also use the services of the local rail operators – SKM at the Tri-Cities (Gdansk and its neighbouring cities), Warsaw and the surrounding areas..  Ticket for public transport purchased as part of the Polish Pass product ay be used on these lines as well.

Polska, połączenia kolejowe

Rail connection services in Poland

Gdansk Główny Railway Station

ul. Podwale Grodzkie 1, Gdansk

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Warszawa Centralna Railway Station

Al. Jerozolimskie 54, Warsaw

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Wrocław Główny Railway Station

ul. Piłsudskiego 105, Wroclaw

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Poznań Główny Railway Station

ul. Dworcowa 1, Poznan

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Check the train schedules at: www.rozklad-pkp.pl

Estimated travel time by rail (June 2012):
Warsaw - Gdansk
4:30 h
Warsaw - Poznan
2:30 h
Warsaw - Wroclaw
5 h
Poznan - Wroclaw
2:15 h
Poznan - Gdansk
4 h
Wroclaw - Gdansk
7 h