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During UEFA EURO 2012TM you will also be able to reach Poland by ferry. The main sea ports with ferry connections include Gdansk, Gdynia and Świnoujście. Ferry services are available on the following routes: Gdansk-Nynäshamn, Świnoujście -Copenhagen, Ystad and Świnoujście, Gdynia-Karlskrona, , Gdynia-Helsinki, Gdynia-Rostock.

Useful information

If you want to use ferry service you can take advantage of a special offer depending on whether you want to go to Poland by car, bicycle or take a pet with you.  There are different types of cabins to choose from. Numerous shops, bars, restaurants, and sometimes even meeting rooms and cinemas can be found on most ferries.

Passengers and vehicles must check-in at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure. If you fail to do so the carrier may decide to strike you and your vehicle off the travellers list. The checking-in usually ends: 15 minutes before departure for passengers travelling on foot, and 30 minutes before departure for car passengers.

Ferry services to Poland



A trip from Gdansk to Nynäshamn takes 18 hours and covers a distance of 283 miles. An adult fare in high season is about PLN 360 per passenger. The off-season adult fare is PLN 310.  The Polish home base where the ferries dock is located just 8 km from the city centre of Gdansk and 3.5 km from the PGE Arena Gdansk stadium. Both, the city centre and the stadium are easily reached by tram. Fans who plan on visiting Gdansk during the Championship will have an opportunity to stay at an extraordinary hotel - the ferry will stay in port and will be converted into a hotel. For more information visit the website of the carrier Polferries.




Gdynia is also connected with ferry service with Karlskrona. The service is offered daily. On some days ferries arrive at Gdynia twice a day. Ticket prices depend on the type of ferry and vary between PLN 250 and 450. For more information visit the website of the carrier.




You can also reach Poland from Copenhagen. However, ferry service is only provided between Świnoujście-Ystad. The fare price also includes free crossing between Ystad and Copenhagen through the Öresund bridge for passengers travelling on foot and motorists. A free bus service (line No. 866) is provided for passengers travelling on foot between Ystad and the city centre of Copenhagen and from Copenhagen to Ystad. For more information visit the website of the carrier.


Unity Line


Ferry services from Ystad to Świnoujście are offered by two ferry operators. The trip on this route takes about 7-8 hours with adult fares of about PLN 250 per passenger. Special discounts are offered for children and students. For more information visit the website of the carrier Polferries and UnityLine.

Polferries & UnityLine



Ferry service between Gdynia and Helsinki is offered three times a week. Travel time ranges from 20 to 22 hours, and adult fare prices are about PLN 250 per passenger. For more information visit the website of the carrier.




A ferry service also operates three times a week between Gdynia and Restock. The journey, over a distance of 273 nautical miles (506 km), takes about 15 hours. Adult fares are about PLN 160 per passenger. The prices depend on the type of vehicle, season, and age of the traveller.  For more information visit the website of the carrier.


Additional important information

Category: Security and safety

Take an ID document with you

Remember that when flying – no matter if the flight is inside or outside Poland – you must have an ID document to present to the airport staff. To enter the Schengen territory, citizens of third countries must have a valid travel document and visa if required.


Category: Security and safety

Tickets only from reliable sources!

Tickets to the UEFA EURO 2012 games can only be purchased through the following website, National Football Federations, or won in competitions organised by the official sponsors of the Tournament.


Category: Transport

Faster and easier across the border

For the comfort of tourists from EU countries, the movement of organised groups of fans, football teams and UEFA activists will be facilitated on the four border crossings between Poland and Ukraine during UEFA EURO 2012™.