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Customs and curiosities

The Poles like to celebrate, cherish tradition and are happy to maintain the old customs. They are also notable for their enjoyment of holidays.

Poland is the second country in Europe with the highest number of holidays per year. In the calendar we will find as many as 13, while the Portuguese, Maltese and Slovakians - have 12 each, and the Hungarians - only 6.

Chodzenie z szopką

Going carolling with the Christmas crib

A interesting fact of Kashubia is that Christmas rituals start very early, during Advent. Going carolling with the Christmas crib begins two weeks before Christmas Eve. ...

Tomasz Nowak/ warsawtour.pl

Warsaw – the City of the Mermaid

The Armed Mermaid is the symbol of Warsaw. She protects the inhabitants with a shield and sword....


Wroclaw - “Venice of the North”

Rivers, their picturesque backwaters, canals and river basin connected over 100 bridges and footbridges in Wroclaw, through which the city gained its nickname "Venice of the North". ...

Ostrów Tumski

City of precious monuments

Two of the Wroclaw attractions are on the list of Historical Monuments. ...

Kaszubskie zwyczaje wielkanocne

Easter customs in Kashubia

Two weeks before Easter teenagers go to the forest to collect twigs of birch and willow to make Easter palms and brooms. After the consecration of the palms in the church the palms are used to the decorate the houses. ...

Wypędzanie zimy

Banishing the winter

The ritual of banishing winter is celebrated on the first Sunday of May, . The spruce trees are decorated with colourful ribbons and images of saints. ...


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Additional important information

Category: Security and safety

Take an ID document with you

Remember that when flying – no matter if the flight is inside or outside Poland – you must have an ID document to present to the airport staff. To enter the Schengen territory, citizens of third countries must have a valid travel document and visa if required.


Category: Security and safety

Tickets only from reliable sources!

Tickets to the UEFA EURO 2012™ games can only be purchased through the following website www.uefa.com, National Football Federations, or won in competitions organised by the official sponsors of the Tournament.


Category: Transport

Faster and easier across the border

For the comfort of tourists from EU countries, the movement of organised groups of fans, football teams and UEFA activists will be facilitated on the four border crossings between Poland and Ukraine during UEFA EURO 2012™.