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General tips

Poznan can be reached by air or land. You can fly to the Henryk Wieniawski airport in Poznan from: Barcelona, Cork, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Munich and Oslo. PLEASE CHECK OTHER FLIGHTS ARRIVING AT THIS DESTINATION! During UEFA EURO 2012 several extra railway connections will be launched apart from the regular running lines, thanks to which you will be able to reach other Host Cities from Poznan!

Poznań can be fastest reached e.g. from Germany by motorway A2, from Wrocław by motorway A8 and national road No. 5 and from Szczecin by motorway A6, express road No. 3 and by motorway A2. Traffic organization is changed for the time of the Tournament. The Park & Ride car parks are at fans’ disposal if they want to leave their car during Euro 2012.

During Euro 2012 Poznan is most easily accessible through means of public transport. Buses and trams run every two minutes on average and the Poznan Fast Tram takes passengers to the farthest corner of the city in a flash! During the tournament Poznan will run according to an extraordinary public transport schedule. For instance, buses will operate from the airport to the stadium. Fans arriving to Poznan in their own cars will be able to leave their vehicles at the Park and Ride car parks located all over the city.

All the Host Cities in Poland have prepared POLISH PASS for fans and tourists spending their time in Poland during Euro 2012. The Polish Pass is an integrated ticket that can be used while travelling by public transport or for other services paid for in advance. It is valid from 6th June to 2nd July. READ MORE ABOUT THE POLISH PASS!

Najkrótsze połączenia drogowe, kolejowe i lotnicze między Poznaniem a innymi Miastami Gospodarzami i Krakowem