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See the thirteen Polish Accommodation Facilities where the national teams will stay and train during UEFA EURO 2012


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Kraków is famous for its colourful history, world class historic monuments, the Wawel dragon and bagels. However, a visit to the city may not be limited solely to listening to the bugle call and visiting the Wawel castle since – apart from its historic heritage − Kraków also host festivals of international rank and multimedia museums where modernity is combined with tradition. During UEFA EURO 2012 it will also be the place hosting the Team Base Camps selected by three national teams: England, the Netherlands and Italy!

The city is located in the south of Poland, on the Vistula River, in the Province of Little Poland. As a result Kraków has a climate with a major continental climate influence. Hot summers and frosty winters happen here. July or August is the warmest month while January is the coldest one.

Kraków is one of Poland’s oldest cities, and is the second largest in terms of inhabitants as well as second largest in terms of area.  Until 1795 Kraków was formally Poland’s capital and until 1611 the seat of the rulers of the Polish nation.  

The city attracts hundreds of enchanting cafes, an excellent starting point for trips in the picturesque Little Poland region and an excellent location for business meetings; it is also the place of education for about two hundred thousand students! The interest in Kraków has been growing, in particular among foreign companies in the sphere of high technologies and business related services.  According to the investment report of the UN Conference for Trade and Development of 2011, Kraków is the best place in the world to locate business service centres. For instance IBM, Comarch, Motorola and Shell have selected Kraków as the location of their branches and innovation centres. The capital of Little Poland was also ranked first among the list of 50 emerging outsourcing locations in the world – ahead for instance of: Beijing, Buenos Aires, Cairo and Sao Paulo.

In Balice near Kraków there is Poland’s second largest international airport.

“The City of Krak” is also a great place for recreation and sports. Two modern football stadiums with international standards and a number of sports centres provide opportunities for playing football or bike riding – for instance with a self-service rental of city bikes; you may also participate in rafting or canoe rallies in one of the most modern man-made mountain canoeing track. Also fans during UEFA EURO 2012 will find place for sports emotions. During the Tournament, in the Błonia Park there will be a special zone Fun Kraków where football fans will be able to watch all tournament matches jointly!

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Materiały prasowe

Category: Fan Zone

Fun Kraków Zone

For fans and tourists, during the European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2012, a public match viewing zone will be set up in Kraków called Fun Kraków.

Wiesław Majka/

Category: Team Base Camps

Team Base Camp of the English team

During UEFA EURO 2012 the English team will stay at the Stary Hotel – in the very heart of Krakow by the Main Market Square – the largest European public square. The English players will train at the Municipal Stadium of "Hutnik Kraków”.

Category: Team Base Camps

Team Base Camp of the Dutch team

The five-star Sheraton Hotel in the heart of Krakow, in very close proximity to Market Square, with a view of Wawel Hill, near the Henryk Reyman Municipal Stadium – this is the team base camp selected for UEFA EURO 2012 by the national Dutch team.