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Gdansk - Description and brief history

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Gdansk is a city of nearly half a million people, the maritime capital of Poland, a large economic, research and cultural centre and a popular tourist destination. This is a millennium old Hanseatic city, situated on the Gdansk Bay on the southern shores of the Baltic Sea.

For centuries Gdansk has played a key role in the exchange of goods between Northern and Western Europe and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Today’s Gdansk is the capital of the Pomeranian Province and an important administrative centre.

Gdansk is full of charming streets and historic interiors, seaside swimming facilities and sailing routes, comfortable hotels, elegant restaurants and enticing, atmospheric cafes. Several theatres, philharmonic, opera house, summer music stage, three multiplexes and several smaller cinemas, popular youth clubs, pubs and discos can be found here. Numerous museums, concerts, fairs (including the 750-year-old St. Dominic’s Fair), exhibitions, street theatre (e.g. FETA) complete the cultural offer of the City where everyone can find something interesting to suite their tastes.

The amber processing industry plays an important role here. Gdansk has a long tradition in this area, and it is not without reason that has became known as the world’s amber capital.

During its "Golden Age" the city was a kind of bourgeois republic, a multicultural melting pot of all ethnic backgrounds. The atmosphere of tolerance and riches coming from trade bore fruit in the development of culture, science and art. Today the works of prominent citizens of Gdansk can be admired in museums, churches and galleries. Their collections and the captivating beauty of the historic monuments of Gdansk are a testimony to a thousand year old history of the city.

As centuries ago, the constantly growing seaport is of great importance for the city. Its strategic location at the crossroads of important transit routes, its function as a large transport and cargo handling hub, well-developed business and research infrastructure and availability of well-trained human capital make Gdansk one of the most attractive investment locations in Poland.


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