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Positive atmosphere at the Gdańsk Fan Zone!

Date of publication13.07.2012

The workers of the Gdańsk Fan Zone created a clip for the official anthem of the UEFA EURO 2012 Championships entitled Endless Summer.

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Polish Guide

Spain’s flag as the favourite souvenir after Euro!

Date of publication13.07.2012

The hosts of the city of Gdańsk decorated the streets for Euro 2012 with thousands of flags of the countries which participated in the tournament. However, only 1,200 flags were returned to the municipal warehouses, the other flags were lost. All hung Spanish flags disappeared.

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Miasto Gdańsk

Gdańsk thanks the fans!

Date of publication11.07.2012

See how the inhabitants of Gdańsk thank all tourists and fans who visited Gdańsk during UEFA EURO 2012!

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Poland’s largest open air event finished!

Date of publication11.07.2012

The Open’er Festival has become a cult music event, attracting fans of good sound from all over the world. Between 4 and 7 July in Gdynia such stars performed as e.g.: Björk, Franz Ferdinand, Janelle Monáe, Justice, Penderecki/Greenwood, Public Enemy, The Cardigans and Wiz Khalifa!

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PAP/ Piotr Pędziszewski

Attractions in the Fan Zone in Gdansk

Date of publication01.07.2012

Today in Gdansk will take place a transmission of the match, a shared thank-you event to the fans from abroad, a laser show and a music party with a DJ. Come and have fun with us!

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Polish Guide

Watch the UEFA EURO 2012 final in the Gdansk Fan Zone and join a group photo!

Date of publication29.06.2012

Fans, who are planning to show up in the Gdansk Fan Zone on Sunday, will have an opportunity to thank all the guests from Spain, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Germany and Greece for fun and great atmosphere during the whole tournament.

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PGE Arena Gdańsk

15th July the opening day at the PGE Arena Gdansk Stadium!

Date of publication28.06.2012

To thank everyone, who has participated in organisation of the Tournament in Gdansk, the authorities of the city decided to organise an opening day at the PGE Arena Gdansk Stadium on the 15th July.

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More than 300 thousand football fans visited Gdańsk during Euro 2012!

Date of publication27.06.2012

More than 150 thousand foreign fans and as many Polish supporters visited Gdańsk during Euro championships.On one match day public transport was used by additional 150 thousand commuters.

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Gdańsk - the second motherland for German national team

Date of publication27.06.2012

"Gdansk was for us the second motherland" – said the president of the German Football Association (DFB), Wolfgang Niersbach, during the farewell press conference on Wedensday. The team left Gdansk in the morning and flew to Warsaw for the semifinal game against Italy.

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The Spanish took off from Gdansk to Donetsk

Date of publication26.06.2012

On Tuesday after 10 am Spanish football players took off from Gdansk-Rębiechowo Airport to Donetsk. On Wednesday at 8.45pm the European champions will play there with Portugal in the first semifinal of the match UEFA Euro 2012.

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