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General Aviation

General Aviation

If you would like to come to Poland in your own airplane, several things must be kept in mind. See what you need to know before your departure for UEFA EURO 2012™.  The Polish airspace is managed by Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA).

Due to the complicated structure of the airspace including  TSAs (Temporary Segregated Areas) and MRTs (Military Air Routes), we recommend you to contact English speaking FIS (Flight Information Service) before each flight. You can find the contact information below.

There are two airspace classes in Poland i.e.: Class C (controlled airspace) and G (uncontrolled airspace). All information regarding airspace traffic regulations in FIR Warsaw can be found at the following websites: Eurocontrol - (requires free of charge registration) and PANSA - (VFR flights -,  and military -

Certified weather information in Polish airspace is provided by Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW), available at: Private,  certified weather information is also provided by Ibcol Meteo at:

Information on the assignment of slots at airports, temporary procedures at airports as well as limitations and restrictions applicable during UEFA EURO 2012™ will be published in official Supplements issued by the PAŻP at its web address:

The Supplements will be published on the following dates:
1. Airspace Restrictions - May 3;

2. "Slot adherence" Procedures  - May 3.

Available supplements:

1. Restrictions at Euro 2012

2. First official AIP supplement published for Euro 2012

3. Temporary procedures at airports

It is also worth visiting the interactively updated - unofficial database for Polish airports at:

FIS Warszawa

Radio frequency: 119,450

Contact: tel. +48 22 574-55-85; faks +48 22 574-75-86

FIS Gdańsk

Radio frequency: 127,150

Contact: tel. +48 22 574-74-85; +48 58 340 74-85; faks +48 22 574-74-86

FIS Kraków

Radio frequency: 119,275

Contact: tel. +48 22 574-75-85; +48 12 639-75-85; faks +48 22 574-75-86

FIS Poznań

Radio frequency: 126,300

Contact: tel. +48 22 574-73-85; +48 61 896-73-85; faks +48 22 574-75-86

FIS Olsztyn

Radio frequency: 118,775

Contact: tel. +48 22 574-55-88; faks +48 22 574-75-86

This article was written and is updated in cooperation with the polish GA portal