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Urban transport in the Host Cities

ZTM Warszawa

Urban transport will be the most comfortable way to move around the Host Cities during UEFA EURO 2012TM.  Buses and trams operate between the most important locations in all of the Host Cities. Warsaw additionally operates Poland's only metro line in Poland, running between the south and north of the city and connecting with suburban trains. Wroclaw and Poznan have a fast tram and Gdansk features the Fast City Train connecting to Sopot and Gdynia.

Urban transport is specially organised in each Host City for the duration of the Tournament, e.g.  additional buses between city centre and the airport and the stadium will be in operation.  Follow the Polish Guide – more information will be provided, the closer we are to the Tournament.

If you want to move around with public transport, buy POLISH PASS - one integrated ticket at a competitive price, valid during the Tournament in Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw - the UEFA EURO 2012™ Host Cities. The Polish Pass special offer has been prepared for all fans and tourists visiting Poland at that time. Read more.

Read more about urban transport in each Host City

materiały prasowe

Urban transport in Gdansk

Gdansk has a well developed bus and tram network and the tickets are inexpensive. You can move around the city in new, low-floor and ecological buses and modern trams.

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ZTM Poznań

Urban transport in Poznan

Buses and trams in the peak hours in Poznan arrive every two minutes on average and the Poznan Fast Tram runs every three minutes. The urban transport system will provide you with easy access to the centre, stadium and the airport.

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UM Warszawa

Urban transport in Warsaw

Similarly to the other Host Cities, you can also move around Warsaw in buses and trams. Warsaw is the only city in Poland with a metro line, connecting the north to the south of the city.

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Urban transport in Wroclaw

Transport in Wroclaw includes bus and tram lines and the “PLUS” fast tram.

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