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Fans planning to travel by car during the UEFA EURO 2012TM Championship will have specially dedicated access routes at their disposal. They are designed so at to allow you to get to your destination without being caught up in congestion and traffic jams and to take the most convenient and quickest route. Please acquaint yourself with the regulations in force in Poland.  

Important regulations

Right-hand traffic is in force in Poland. It is mandatory to drive with passing lights turned on all year-round. The driver must hold a driving licence and be at least 18 years of age. Read on  [link to Motor Vehicle Law]

The following documents are required to travel by car in Poland: a driving licence (Polish, European or International), the vehicle registration document as well as a certificate attesting to the possession of a Civil Liability insurance policy. Non-EU citizens must hold a Green Card and non-Polish citizens are obliged to present an ID or a passport (with a valid visa).

If you have reached Poland by other means but wish to rent a car, you may take advantage of private rental services within the country borders or at the airports. You need to be at least 23 years of age and have had a driving licence for at least a year to be eligible.

Toll charges

Please bear in mind that some of the highways in Poland are toll roads. The fee depends on the vehicle category and the distance travelled. The rates for passenger vehicles range between PLN 0.20/km and PLN 0.26/km. Cash (PLN, USD, EUR) as well as credit cards are accepted at toll booths.

Electronic fee collection system for vehicles exceeding the admissible total mass of  3.5 tons

Please bear in mind that the viaTOLL system is obligatory for all drivers of vehicles exceeding the admissible total mass of 3.5 tons. A special fee is collected for vehicles exceeding the admissible total mass. If you plan to travel with a trailer and the total mass of your car along with the trailer is over 3.5 tons, you are required to familiarize yourself with the viaToll system.

The viaToll system is based on wireless communication technology. It gauges electronic impulses and calculates fees in line with their number for the travelled sections of paid express ways and highways as well as designated national roads. All the necessary information  concerning the system, registration procedure, the purchase and assembly of a transmitter installed in the car, the so-called  viaBox, the list of roads upon which the system is operational as well as the addresses of the Customer Service Offices, can be found at the website: www.viatoll.pl or via telephone at the info line  +48 22 521 10 10.

Recommended access routes to the Host Cities

Polska, trasy dojazdu

Speed limits


50 km/h within developed areas between 5-23


60 km/h within developed areas between 23-5


20 km/h within residential areas


140 km/h highways


120 km/h two-lane express ways

Approximate travel times

Warsaw - Gdansk

June 2012 4 h 40 min

Warsaw - Poznan

June 2012 3 h 30 m - 3 h

Warsaw - Wroclaw

June 2012 4 h 40 min – 4 h

Poznan - Wroclaw

June 2012 3 h

Poznan - Gdansk

June 2012 4 h 10 min

Wroclaw - Gdansk

June 2012 6 h 30 min

Park & Ride


We recommend that you leave your car in specially designated Park & Ride parking lots located mainly along the main inbound routes to the city. Access will be facilitated by means of signposts prepared for the duration of the Tournament. Below is a sample of the signposting referring to a Park & Ride parking lot.