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General tips

How to get to Poland?
Poland is a country located in the heart of Europe. You can get here by almost every means of transport, from car, to train and plane to ferry. During UEFA EURO 2012TM, special recommended routes marked with tournament symbols have been planned to allow you to get from the Polish border to the four Polish Hosts Cities and move from City to City (view maps of the Polish Guide). In the fastest and most convenient way. Also a number of rail and air links can be used to get to Poland. A special organisational plan prepared for the duration of the Championships will allow the increased numbers of fans from all over Europe to be handled efficiently.


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Are you planning to get to Poland by train? Polish railways offer many connections to get you to the Final Tournament of UEFA EURO 2012TM. See the European cities that have direct train links with the Polish Host Cities. A special timetable for the time of the Tournament will be published on the websites after 23 April 2012. Also read about the Polish Pass which will definitely help you to move between the Host Cities in Poland with the use of rail transport.



Major air traffic during UEFA EURO 2012TM will take place on the routes to the Host Cities. Airports in Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw have been prepared to handle increased passenger traffic. Charter, private and general aviation traffic will also be handled by the auxiliary airports.

Public transport in the Host Cities

A public transport organisation plan will be developed in each Host City for the duration of the Tournament. Check out what type of public transport you can use during UEFA EURO 2012TM to get around Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. Also read about the Polish Pass which will definitely help you to move around the Host Cities with the use of public transport.



Special recommended routes for those travelling by car have been developed for the duration of the Championships. Using these routes you will help you stay clear of traffic jams and reach your destination as conveniently and as quickly as possible. Also remember to become familiar with the Polish road traffic regulations before coming to Poland. Park & Ride car parks will be established for the duration of the Championships at major approach roads to the cities. You will be able to leave your car there and go directly to the Fan zone, stadium or city centre. Transfers to and from the car park will be provided through public transportation systems or special shuttle buses.



You can get around each Host City using the services of numerous taxi companies during the tournament. The fare per 1 km depends on the time of day, area (distance from the city centre), and the taxi companies’ price lists. Find out which offer is best suited to your needs.


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You can also reach Poland by ferry. The main sea ports with ferry services are located in Gdansk, Gdynia and Swinoujscie.